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February 26, 2020

Pilot. Introducing Jayson Waller and True Underdog. Recorded Live.

True Underdog Jayson Waller has held 25 jobs in his life — some lasting just days after finding things he couldn’t stand. Nevertheless, every experience….

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Episode 1 introduces us to the amazing life and entrepreneurial story of POWERHOME CEO Jayson Waller, whose trailer-park upbringing fueled him to never let others look down on him again. He found success selling home security systems before deciding that the solar industry was his future. His results speak volumes – POWERHOME’s 2019 revenue total nearly reached $200 million, and his company now employs more than 800 people. But in true underdog fashion, Waller needed to risk everything to keep POWERHOME afloat so the company would have the time to turn the corner and be successful. Waller’s mission now is to inspire others, and this podcast, and the guests he will interview, will do just that. Listen to Waller as he and co-host John LeBlanc give you this first taste of his life.

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